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                                                                HOWARD JENSEN JR. BIO                                                              

    Howard Jensen Sr. marched with The Grand Street Boys Drum and Bugle Corps and the Gabarina Post.  He also played trumpet with the Salvation Army. Howard Jensen Sr. played solo-soprano with the Marine Corps Drum and Bugle Corps, from 8th and I Marine Barracks in Washington DC. He also was involved with the start-up of a Marine Corps Division Band in Washington DC where he was Drum Major.  And when he retired from active duty, he started a Drum and Bugle Corps with the Marine Corps reserve unit here in Garden City, LI. He was also on the staff with the Legionnaires, and had just became director until he was dismissed because his son left the corps and convinced a few other people with the Legionnaires that The Brassmen would be their claim to fame on the drum corps field of competition.

Mr. Jensen was the driver of the equipment truck and kept the instruments of The Brassmen in top form to compete against the “other” national champions contending corps of the nation.

 Mr. Jensen was instrumental in providing to Carman Cluna (drill instructor and designer for St. Joseph Patron Cadets and St. Rita’s Brassmen) the method and means of putting the ideas of Carman’s effect into reality. He provide to the corps and Carman the tools needed for some the effects achieved on the field, that later become a trade mark of …


The Brassmen (“ The unexpected effects”)


Corps members will never forget his effort and devotion to push

The Brassmen  toward its’ destiny of “National Prominence”