Eric Perrilloux

Written By: Snare Drummer John Oddo


A legend in his own time and a member of the Drum Corps World Hall of Fame, Eric Perrilloux has developed countless quality drummers and has changed the course of marching percussion.

As a performer, Eric has won numerous individuals contests with many titles. Eric is considered, and is, one of the greatest rudimental drummers in the world.  During his career as an instructor, arranger, and judge, he has produced drum sections that hold many percussion championship titles.  His unique technique program incorporated a full range of dynamics, while stressing quality of sound and performance.

Eric has impacted me personally. I have learned from the “Master” what quality drumming is all about.  Eric’s high standards ensure his programs to achieve the ultimate product.  He demands perfection and never accepts defeat.  Eric is all about drive.  He pushes his drummers to achieve their maximum potential.  His relentless demands for dynamics, control, endurance, speed, and power have benefited everyone who has ever been exposed to his program.

Eric is my mentor.  I am honored to have studied under him.  He is the reason that I have achieved my maximum potential.  My experience under Eric has made me grow as a player, instructor, arranger, and clinician.  He has always supported and encouraged me from my early years with the Brassmen to the present.  His sharing of his knowledge and experience has given me the ability to achieve the widest range of artistic expression possible.  His encouragement guided me to freedom of creativity.  I contribute my success to him.

I am indebted to Eric Perrilloux for everything he stands for.  He has led me on a path to success not only in drumming but also in life.  I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from him.  He has shaped my life, and I admire him.  I will always and forever consider him one of the greatest influences in my life and my dear friend.