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John Oddo Remembers Eric Perrilloux    

 Jim Drost Remembers Eric Perrilloux

Eric Perrilloux

Eric Perrilloux played with the Charles T. Kirk Fife and Drum Corps from Brooklyn, New York from 1937 to 1953. The ensemble was a stand still corps that was considered to be a leading rudimental drum line in New York State. During the 1930's the stand still corps were the leaders of quality rudimental drum sections.

While with the Kirks, Eric competed in the individual snare drum competitions winning the New York State Championship title 5 times, the North Eastern Championship, and many out of State Championships.

A Wall of Quality, 1971 St. Rita's Brassmen John Oddo, Mark

and Frank Nash ( 2007 World Drum Corps Hall of Fame)

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Eric joined the New York Gabarina Skyliners in 1953 and performed for two seasons. In 1955 he became the drum instructor for the famed Reilly Raiders of Philadelphia, PA and taught for three seasons. In the 1958, Eric became the drum instructor of the legendary New York Skyliners and taught for 13 seasons.  He also taught many other junior and senior corps including the Selden Cadets,



1972 St. Rita's Tympani Line_ Brother_Beasts

Harold Barber, Troy Matthews, Efrian Nieves, James Drost




Left to Right:Frank Simpson, Frank Nash, James Alston, Mark Holub, Johnny Oddo- Snare Drummers



1971 TYMPANI SECTION : Efrain Nieves , TROY Matthews, 

The late John Williams , JIM DROST.






Eric Perrilloux never changed his philosophy of drumming in all the corps he taught. He believed in the production of " Total Sound Drumming " which was considered to be the basic sound of the great champion snare drumming of the 30s and the 40s. As he called it " Quality Caliber Drumming!" - quality being the "degree of excellence" Caliber being " to utilize the entire range of expression without losing quality"


In 1984 Eric Perrilloux was inducted into the Drum Corps Hall of Fame.

 Click Photo Above for Eric's Video at the St Joseph Patron Cadets/St Rita's Brassmen 1995 Reunion

He applied this complete sound to all the various moods of musical program using full rudimental ranges where appropriate but always in musical sense to effectively convey the music.

During the early 60's Eric introduced the concept of a circuit to allow the corps to govern themselves and initiate their own ideas. This became reality as Henry Mayor of the N.Y. Skyliners formed the Drum Corps Associated (D.C.A.). Eric served as chief judging coordinator for two years.
















1971 Drum Line




Local Kid, Jimmy , James, Herbie Battle  - 
   At St. Rita's Center, Cafeteria.



Conn. member, Ringo, ?, Cherokee, Frank Simson, Rick Magnam, George Desposito, Mark and Johnny Oddo.








The late John Williams (Willie), Mark, Eric, Johnny Oddo, Jim Drost
Picnic/Reunion circa 1982. at
Bethpage Park L.I.N.Y.