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At 16 years of age in 1937, Eric Perrilloux joined the Charles T. Kirk Fife Drum and Bugle Corps. During the 1930's, this corps set the standard for rudimental drumming.  In the early 1950's Eric went on to march in the New York Skyliners, then instruct the innovative Reilly Raiders drum line. Eric Perrilloux is credited as being the first drum instructor to use rhythmic patterns mixed with the 26 standard American drum rudiments in order to blend drum parts with the brass arrangements. Eric enjoyed a successful career as arranger/instructor, working with the nationally prominent New York Skyliners, St. Rocco's Cadets and Selden Cadets. In 1969 he joined the hall of fame staff of Hy Dreitzer and Carmen Cluna to produce one of the finest nationally ranked junior corps of the early 70ís; St. Ritaís Brassmen. Ericís legacy is certainly the lessons he taught all of "his boys" but also that so many of his former students have gone on to teach drumming with the same high standards of quality and caliber.  

            On Sunday, March 20th 2011 at the Elks Club in Ridgewood NJ, members of the "Original" St. Ritaís Brassmen Drumline completed the circle and acknowledged Eric Perrilloux with their love, honor, respect, admiration, and appreciation. On hand to witness the showering down of these expressions of gratitude was his wife of 65 yrs, Agnes, their daughters and grandchildren. Family members flew in from as far away as Florida to be part of Ericís 90th Birthday celebration. Although the gathering had to be limited in size, a crowd of almost 50 well wishers attended.

Tympani drummer Jim Drost served as Master of Ceremonies and coordinator of the event. With snare drums mounted on stands, tympani and bass drum in place and members of the "Current" Brassmen Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps Hornline lending their support, the stage was set for a memorable event. Performing together for the first time in 38 years, the group thrilled the crowd with Hy Dreitzerís original renditions of "Ride of the Valkeries", "West Point Alma Mater" and a favorite Perrilloux drum solo. Listening to the music being presented that day made the memories so thick that I had to brush them away from my face. Eric then amazed the attendees with rudimental fireworks of his own. After the performance and accolades for Mr. Perrilloux, Eric's wife Agnes told timpanist Harold Barber "Well, I guess I'll have to bow down to him every night now" she said with a nice smile. At 90 years old he is still a master!

Happy Birthday Eric !

††††††††††††††††††††† ďThe BoysĒ (left to right)

Rick Mangum, Jim Drost, John Oddo, Pete Velasquez,

Mark Holub, ERIC, Harold Barber, Frank Nash,

Mark Riley, Frank Simpson,


†† Frank Nash†††

John Oddo††††

Jim Drost††††††††

Mark Holub††††

Harold Barber



Eric amazing the attendees with

rudimental fireworks of his own



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