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Click Photo Below for Don's Video at the St Joseph Patron Cadet/St Ritas Brassmen 1995 Reunion


Don Quinn is now retired from the Navy after 30 plus years !

If you wish to contact him to reestablish communications with one of our

Drum Instructors from " back in the day ", you may email him at...chiefdq@msn.com

   There are many individuals who have made an impact to my development as a player, instructor, and arranger. One of these individuals is Don Quinn.

Don has arranged and instructed many Drum Corps during his career. I had the pleasure of playing Snare Drum, in Donís drumline, at the St. Josephs Patron Jr. Drum & Bugle Corps from Brooklyn, New York.

It was here where I had received a valuable experience. He challenged us and always was genuinely concerned for our growth personally and as a section. Don allowed me to be creative by letting me make suggestions as well as technical contributions to the program.

Today there are several Drum Corps personalities that marched in Donís drum line, such Frank Nash, Jim Drost, Mark Holub, and myself to name a few.

Donís spirit and passion for Drum Corps is immense. In his career as an instructor, he has influenced many kids to grow and develop into respectable adults. Personally, he has made an impact in my life and I am truly thankful.

I am honored to have studied under Don. I thank him for his faith and trust in me as well as his continued support in any endeavor I pursue.

He continues to support and contributes to the Drum Corps activity. I strongly feel Don Quinn deserves to be inducted into the Drum Corps Hall of Fame.

Respectfully yours,

Johnny Oddo