Drum Corps Luminaries

We would like to recognize the following group of alumni for

their outstanding contributions to the world of drum corps.


Ruben Ariola

Peter Ciaccio

Jim Drost

Reginald Henry

Mark Holub

Jim Maldonado

 Frank Nash

John Oddo

 George Richardson

Ray Richardson

Ted Schwartzberg

Barry Swain

Ronald Washington

Mickey Perry

Harold Barber

Keith Warfield

The criteria for being a member of this distinguish group is as follows:

Open to all  United Alumni Members of SJP or SRB


If you have participated in anyone of  the following:


1) An Instructor of a Drum Corps ( outside of SJP or SRB)

2) A Drum Corps Judge

3) An  Administrator of a Drum Corps

4) Or if you have done anything that is out of the ordinary to promote  

     a drum corps or Our United Alumni


We wish to be INCLUSIVE in making up this list . 

If you feel that another category should be added or that your

name and drum corps bio should be added to the list ...


Please contact any Administrator Located

Website's Contact Page