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Kevin Davis

Corps “Member” to Corps “Asst. Director”

Kevin Davis when asked to write this drum corps bio for this Tribute and Historical Preservation Website stated that… “I'm an old guy who can't remember where I was yesterday


This is “classic” Kevin Davis, with biting humor and purposeful direction, coupled with an exciting sound of a solo soprano player.


“Our Lady of Loretto Knights” -------------Kevin Davis 1968

  After the demise of “Untouchables” aka Our Lady of Loreto Knights  (see photos above) in 1963, the older personnel of OLL went to The New York Skyliners and as Kevin stated “us younger guys went with some guy named Carman Cluna to St. Joe’s in Ridgewood, Brooklyn (see photo above St. Joseph Patron Cadets (Midwood Field, Brooklyn New Yor). We never heard of St. Joe’s, but eventually found it and the rest is history.”

Kevin Davis brought over to St. Joseph Patron Cadets along with John Brady, Frankie Sodano, John Keyes (Business Manager) and others, the experience and class of being a “winner”!With this type of background, it is a no wonder why Kevin and Frankie Sodano were immediately selected by Hy Dreitzer to handle some of the solo chores for their newly adopted corps The St. Joseph Patron Cadets.

 All of the members from Loreto would eventually end up staying the course with St. Joe’s.According to Kevin one of the key elements that made their transition to this new corps seamless was, Tony Franco the St Joseph Patron Cadets Director. From Frank Dana to Vince Magrino to Vic Orboyski and now Kevin Davis the reference about Tony Franco remains constant…We drove Tony Franco “nuts” but…Tony Franco was “a true gentleman, and treated all of us like family”. Kevin added, …“I think the most amazing thing about this drum corps was its diversity. Guys and gals from all walks of life…kids from Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Connecticut and even that foreign country called The Bronx.  It was quite a mix. People like Tony Franco, Carman, Hy, and others associated with the corps made that happen. It was no accident.”


  Kevin stayed with the corps as a playing member through its demise (end of 1968) and from the ashes of SJP Cadets to the rebirth of a St Rita’sFirebird” corps (1969) named the Brassmen. Kevin’s last year as a marching member was with the 1969 St. Rita’s Brassmen. He went on to become Assistant Director to Carman Cluna and later the Treasurer of the SRB until 1972.Kevin relocated to Maryland in 1975 and has been in law enforcement ever since.

 Kevin’s elevation from being a corps member to being a Brassmen Staff Member was met with immediate respect and admiration from his fellow corpsmen. Kevin would display the same class he had being a playing member as being an Assistant Director


The Alumni of St. Joseph Patron Cadets and the St. Rita’s Brassmen salute him for a job well done!

St. Rita Patron Saint