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Jim began playing drums at the age of 4, taking his first drum lesson from cousin Bobby who played snare in the Hempstead High School marching band. Most members of the family on his mother's side played a musical instrument and early influences covered a wide range from pop to classical.

Throughout his school years, Jim participated in the concert band, orchestra and chorus. After school activities consisted of homework followed by hours on the drum set playing along to recordings of you name it; James Brown, Dave Brubeck, Motown, Traffic, etc. The Joe Morello drum clinic in 1964 made a huge impression and jazz became Jim's favorite art form.

Jim joined the Hempstead Fire Department Dynamics Drum & Bugle Corps in the early 60's, meeting life-long friend Chet Doboe (of Hip Pickles fame). Anxious to get into "M&M", the two friends moved on to the Babylon Islanders and Hall of Fame instructor Don Friesing. The nucleus of this drum line (John Oddo, Mark Holub, Dave King, Chet and Jim) was destined to make their mark on the musical world for decades to come.

The Islanders broke up after the 1967 season and Jim, John, Mark and a host of others joined St. Joseph Patron Cadets in Brooklyn.
Becoming St. Rita's Brassmen in 1969, Jim was completely dedicated to this corps and was named "Brassmen of the Year" in 1971. The corps drum instructors, Don Quinn and Eric Perrilloux, heavily influenced him.

During Jim's marching years he continued his musical education, studying with jazz drum set star Charlie Perry (Stan Kenton Orchestra) at Five Towns College. Private lessons followed in both mallet and hand percussion. Forever listening, Jim amassed a large record collection and spent many hours at jazz clubs and concerts.

Always interested in musical composition and arranging, Jim got his break in 1972 when he teamed with John Oddo to teach St. Ignatius All-Girls from Hicksville, New York. A string of World Open and DCI championships followed. Jim then taught and arranged percussion for the World Open and DCI Class A champion Bengal Lancers, New York Skyliners, and many other corps and marching bands.

Music continues to play a large role in Jim's life. He recently completed a 10-year stint as an executive committee board member for The Cadets and Youth Education in the Arts. Jim is active with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra and Philharmonic Orchestra of New Jersey. He still frequents jazz clubs, concerts and, of course, drum corps shows.

Jim currently resides with his family in Morris County, New Jersey and maintains his position as an IT executive with Automatic Data Processing.


Jim Drost 1971 "Brassmen of the Year" Award