In Remembrance and Honor

  Captain James M. Gurbisz                                         Second Lieutenant Emily Perez  

US Army                                                         US Army

( American Fallen Heros)

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Our 2011 Website Supporters aka

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Our 2011 Supporters

In Remembrance Carmen Cluna 1950-56 US Army

John Oddo

Phil Constabile

Ted and Barbara Schwartzberg


Gasper "Gus" D'Angelo 1969-91 USAF
In Remembrace to Elmer Lugo 1968-1970 USAF

Vic Oboyski

Tom Beresford


Louis Lamboy 1967-71 USAF
In Rremembrance Raymond "Skippy" Brown US Army Circa 1968-72

Larry Farina

Steve Wright


Louis Luberto 1972-74 USMC
Ted Scwartzberg 1967--70 USAF

Eugene Brown

Ernie Davenport


In Remembrance Phil Maldonado 1967-75 US Army
Steven Smith 22 Years USAF

Pete Ciaccio

Jamie and Brenda Cluna


Ronald Washington 1972-74 US Army
Joe Luginsland 1969-71 US Navy

Jim and Chris Drost

Ricky Mangum


Don Quinn US Navy Circa 1962-64
In Remembrance Howard Jensen Sr. 1950--55 USMC

Mike Arato

Rod and Maureen Giddens


Frank Valaquez USMC Circa 1968-70
In Remembrance Bill 1945-47 US Army & Viola Christie

Richie and MaryAnn Hellenbrecht

Nunzio Virgillio


In Remembrance Robert " Pepe" Nataro US Army Circa 1950-53
Don Friesing US Navy 1945-46
John Brady US Navy Circa 1967-71
Tommy Martin USAF Circa 1959-63