J. Frank Nash

 My story begins in 1958 when as a six year old I joined a small Drum&Bugle Corps In Brooklyn, NY that was an offshoot of the Loyal Order of Oddfellows Organization. I continued in the activity marching with the Wynn Center Toppers, the St. Joseph Patron Cadets and the St. Rita’s Brassmen junior corps. I then spent the next 28 seasons in Drum Corps Associates (DCA) with the New York Skyliners (1973-1984), Harrison Bushwackers (1985-1993), Hawthorne Caballeros (1994-1999) and the Syracuse Brigadiers (2000)

 I have been fortunate enough to be part of Nine DCA World Championship Titles as a player and/or instructor spanning four decades, Sky (1975), Bush (1986, ‘88, ‘89, ‘90, ‘92, ‘93) Cabs (1995) and Syracuse (2000) Seven Percussion Titles,  Sky (1980),Bush 1986-1991 as well as winning Three DCA Individual Snare Drumming World Championships 1991,93,and 95.

 I have also been a percussion arranger for many groups over that time notably the Hawthorne Caballeros N.Y Skyliners, CorpsVets of Atlanta Georgia, and the Lehigh Valley Knights in DCI Division III.

Everything that I was able to achieve in the drum corps activity can be directly related to the intensity and passion that was instilled in us through the direction of Carman Cluna, Hy Drietzer and my section instructor Eric Perilloux  who taught us to not accept anything less than 100% of  what can be achieved.  I will always cherish the time I spent under their tutelage. I’d give a lot to be on Randall’s Island for one more Friday night running back to “Formation A”.