It was the end of the '73 drum corps season, going into the '74 season. After two consecutive years of being the bridesmaid at the World Open… after being evicted by two parishes in the Brooklyn Diocese… after losing a large portion of our personnel from Connecticut… after being dragged further out on Long Island for another shot at recruiting to fill the ranks and bring the Brassmen back once again from the brink, this time it was not going to happen.

The last horn/drum rehearsal never started. It was an autumn night at a school that was located in Malverne, a town on Long Island. We had about 15 horns, maybe 10 drummers, and five in the guard. With tears in his eyes, Carman Cluna announced that he was "pulling the plug”. He also announced that our uniforms and instruments were to be sold to pay for the huge debt that had accumulated over the years. He walked out of the music room. Hy Dreitzer and the rest of us were silent. Left unsaid…

It was a great collection of talented people (instructors and corps members).

It was a class act.

It was New York City at its best… diverse and robust.

It was something special… like a diamond

It was… The Brassmen!

It was a good ride!